In an environment of increasing threats, we can empower people with smart tools to deliver the right information, quickly at the point of need to protect people and critical assets. Whether you are securing a city, stadium, airport or an organization, when you use a (social) network to unite people with information, you can increase the quality and efficiency of incident management.

MuniSafe offers two (2) public safety solutions uniting people through a smart service, intended to maximize safeness and minimize violence.

1. MuniSafe's Free version allow citizens to download the MuniSafe App for free. It offers a country wide public safety solution whereby users (citizens) can alarm professional responders. In case of security, safety or medical incidents, a professional is almost always close by, sometimes less than 5 minutes, which is faster than current assistance from Police or Ambulances for example. The system will calculate if a nearby professional is faster or not. If not, the system automatically will call 112. and unfortunately bystanders are not aware of that fact.

2. The Premium version offers organizations/communities a public safety solution in a pre-defined ego-fenced area, whereby users can alarm a command center through a smart service, intended to maximize safeness and minimize violence. The primary objective of the Premium version is to ensure people feel safe in a MuniSafe "managed" area. This option is interesting for organisations that organise events, or stadiums, airports and other areas where security is organised to a certain level but need to react quicker by having more "eyes on the floor" through warning by the public. The solution also could reduce manpower cost significantly.

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